Solar Water Pumps

Simple Installation:

  • Place SPS pump beside water source and insert the suction pipe into the water.
  • Connect your outlet pipe delivering water to your tanks/troughs.
  • Switch it on by connecting the battery supplied – That’s it! – High pressure water on demand.

How it works

  • The SPS solar pump is placed beside the water source (up to 5m above the level of water). It can be placed on a concrete surface/slab and bolted down if desired.
  • A 5m long suction pipe is supplied as standard. The end of the suction pipe, featuring a heavy-duty stainless steel filter and a foot-valve, is placed into the water source.
  • The outlet pipe which delivers water to your tanks/troughs must be supplied by the customer. This is then connected to the water outlet on the SPS pump.
  • A large deep-cycle battery is supplied with each pump. Simply connect the battery using our quick attach clips and the pump will start running.
  • Water is then sucked in through the suction pipe and pumped out through the outlet pipe at high pressure.
  • Once the water tanks/troughs are full, the pressure will rise in the pressure vessel and the pressure switch will cut out the pump. Operating pressures range from 40-80psi depending on the selected model. Pressure is easily adjusted on each model.
  • The pump will continue to operate automatically. A typical pump cut-out pressure is 40psi and a cut-in pressure of 30psi.
  • The solar panel keeps the battery charged which powers the pump.
  • The solar panel requires daylight only which means the SPS pump can operate at any time of the year.
  • A heavy-duty controller is used which maintains correct battery voltage. If the battery is fully charged, excess solar power will not be allowed charge the battery any further. This prevents over charging of the battery ensuring the longest battery life possible.
  • The battery can also be used to power secondary 12v devices such as an electric fence.
  • The battery reserve means the pump can operate any time of the day and overnight as it is not powered directly from the solar panel.
  • The lid is easily locked for security.
  • 12 month guarantee with all models.